Jun 27, 2021

Home. Home. Home.

We don't call it homesick.  We call it missing home. 
 There's not a sickness involved, it's a state of mind...

All it took was going back home to Fort Lauderdale 
for Arvid to realize it’s HOME.  Not that I think he didn’t,
 but I think being in Puerto Rico he may have forgotten
 how important it is for me to be home.  I miss home.

He has already called three times since he left and said, 
“this is home.  This is where we should be.”  I have been 
trying to tell him that for so long. Finally it has happened. 

 Very happy but sad also.  Sad because of the kitties.  But 
home is home. In the meantime I will try and do as much 
as I can for them. Sniff and I would like to go home.

I am so glad Arvid is in Fort Lauderdale without me. 
 I know this will make him think a lot, and I know the wheels
 are already turning in his head.  Already something good 
came out of the trip, and it's just day one.  So much more 
to come.  Norway next and that is going to be good.

Our day is already a good one.  I'm happy and I am 
still smiling.  Sniff and I will soon be going home.

Happy day to all, and may yours also keep you smiling.
Arvid has finally realized that home is Fort Lauderdale. He 
always knew it, but he needed a little push to wake up.

The day before Arvid left for Florida we took my niece Kimsy 
and my sister out to lunch.  As usual we had a good time.  I know 
when Arvid gets to Norway his first "real" meal will be pizza 
with the family.  A beautiful tradition.  Happy days are here. 

Wherever is your heart I call it home...