Oct 22, 2021

Life Happens ~October 22nd

No matter what happens in your
 life always face it with a smile...

Rascal wishes everyone a very good day.
He's well fed and he's a happy little dude.  I love his 
little face and his eyes.  Everything about him.

And with the same surprised look, Rascal 
wishes everyone a safe Halloween.  Most likely 
he will be hiding away from everyone.

Even though Mama is not always nice towards him, she's
 never far away.  She always wants to eat the foodies I give
 to Rascal even though she has the exact same foodies.  

Baby is tricky, but never one to be taken advantage.
  She knows when to show up and when to hide. 
 She and Spitfire are sisters, making her aunt to
 little Rocco and Taino who died in August.

Spitfire, Baby, Shygirl and Mama are three of 
the kitties I saw from the start in August of 2020.  At the 
time mama was nicknamed Bully.  The name says it all. 
 To this day Spitfire follows me everywhere.

I have not seen Spitfire since We3dnesday, but I have 
asked around and the lady that had adopted he and who
 works in the complex tells me she has seen her. 

 My guess is someone else is feeding her as well πŸ™. 
 Happy for that, but I hope to see her this afternoon or
 in the morning when I go out walking again.  I would
 like to confirm this on my own.  I know each one.

From day one Shygirl was always in her same spot. 
 On the ledge of the concrete wall.  To this day that's where I
 look for her as I walk in the mornings.  I look out of the office 
window and I see the ledge, and I can see Shy at times.

Senior started showing up as a "regular" late in June. 
 The first few times I saw him he was limping.  I tried
 to get close to him and leave him foodies, but Senior
 always, always took off running.  He still runs off.

To this day he still won't get too close, but he is 
consistent with showing up for foodies and he has a regular
 spot behind the fence.  Senior always seems as if he were in jail
 behind the fence.  He looks at me with those very sad eyes.

The first time I spotted Milo, MacGyver and Marbles 
was the last week of December of 2020.  I really never got
 to bond much with them at that time because Arvid and
 I went back home to Florida on January 12th 2021.

Milo is the fastest "kid" in the block.  He lives on 
one side of the fence on his own.  That's originally where 
Marbles and MacGyver used to be.  Also Leo.  He was
 around just briefly before "disappearing"

When I first saw Marbles she was always trying to eat
 everyone's foodies.  At the time she was not my favorite 
kitty.  That changed very fast.  marbles and MacGyver 
won my heart within days.  I love this little one. 

Marbles was the first one to get spayed.  She was so easy.  
I picked her up.  Put her in the carrier and that was it. 
 Didn't have to use the trap for her nor MacGyver.

After hs surgery MacGyver ran away.  Arvid 
and I looked for him 2 days in a row.  We walked the 
hills and we called for him.  I made a flyer for him. 

 I was not sure he would be able to return home. 
 MacGyver surprised me.  He returned home in less 
than 48 hours.  When I went walking early that morning 
MacGyver was hungry, but otherwise he was all good πŸ™. 
 I found him right by Marbles as if he was never gone.

MacGyver and Marbles.  They go hand in hand from 
the first day I saw them they were together.  Today they 
still are, but sometimes MacGyver being a boy like to run
 off and explore on his own.  He loves chasing birds.

Taino, Spotify and Bandit.  All three dead.  In the 
little time I had with them I grew to know each one 
and their unique personalities will always hold a special
 place in my heart. Life in the wild is sure  not easy.

 I loved Spotify.  She was the sister of Rascal, and 
Mama's little girl.  I do miss her little face.  Taino so little,
 and Bandit has those eyes that mesmerized you πŸ’™.  

When Poo Poo died my heart broke.  Again.  Poo was 
big but he was such a gentle kitty.  All the other kitties 
loved him.  Even Spitfire and Mama. He was after all dad
 to their babies. Poo was everywhere, and I miss him.

When Poo was alive Arvid and I would hear him every
 afternoon.  Crying like a little baby looking for Mama, Spotify,
 Rascal and Whitepaws. He was their dad, and he came
 home to them in the afternoons.  I miss his face.

So far ten kitties remain.  Mama, Rascal, Senior, Shygirl,
 Milo, Baby, Rocco, Spitfire, Marbles and MacGyver.

Wishing everyone a good day.  Life happens.
  Coffee helps.  Strawberries as well πŸ“

I learned over and over that life
 happens on its own terms, not mine...