Oct 18, 2021

Monday Again ~ October 18th done

 No one is perfect, that's why pencils have erasers...

Sniff seems to be saying that he's not ready to face 
Monday as yet.  I'm sure many feel the same.  What is
 it about Mondays that make people feel so bla?  I do know
 what it is, but it's life.  We all have to put inn our time.

No plans today, although if I'm lucky πŸ™ I will not
 be cooking.  Hopefully that will be the case.  Arvid does 
not like eating out too much, neither do I, but I also
 don't like doing tons of dishes everydayπŸ˜‚.

To all a good week. Let's give it our best shot 
and go from there.  Always remember that the
 secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Do a little more each day than 
 you possibly think you can...