Oct 15, 2021

Friday October 15th ~

 Do  something creative everyday...

Yesterday I got the flu shot, and after that I spent
 the rest of the evening having chills and freezing 
🀨, today I’m better.  The things your body goes 
through just so that you can “feel” better.  

It has rained a lot and it will continue to rain
 more. Last year October the weather was so 
perfect, warm days and cooler nights.  

It has “cooled” down a few degrees, but still warm.
This meme/post about Florida expresses it to a T.  
Just one degree less and we’re grateful. 
Makes it seem so much cooler.

All this talk about climate change πŸ˜€, it would
 be nice if Puerto Rico had a winter and Florida also.  
Could be a good change, just not a permanent one πŸ™ƒ

I’ve been watching too much television lately.  
Streaming is taking over a lot of my time lately.  Keeps 
my focus occupied for those hours otherwise my 
mind wanders to not so pleasant places.

Friday.  So far no rain as yet πŸ™, some balcony time 
and my delicious sangria de parcha   Yes even on a rainy 
day there is always something good to look forward to.  
Somehow Friday's mean slowing down a bit.  On the 
other hand, it's not like we're doing that much either.

Halfway into October  time is sure flying by.  Before 
you know it, it’s Halloween, then Thanksgiving 
and Christmas  Suddenly 2021 is coming to 
an end.  For now have a great day  enjoy the 
start of the weekend and be happy.

Your life is a good as your mindset...