Oct 7, 2021

Thursday October 7 🌞

 Don't think too much about how others 
see you.  Everyone sees you differently...

I lay awake in bed listening to the rain falling, just waiting
 to get up.  Today is my day “off” from feeding the kitties,
 not happy about that, πŸ˜• but it's for the best.  Even so, 
 I’m wide awake. It was just 4:30 in the morning. 

Everything is super quiet.  Arvid and Sniff
 asleep, that what I should be doing. Trying my
 best to not disturb Arvid’s sleep. He’s an ogre 
if he does not get all his beauty sleep πŸ’€. 

 Truthfully 4:30 am is too early, especially
 since we have the entire day to do NOTHING ☹️. 
The birds are chirping.  I really find it pretty
 disturbing this early in the morning. 

 The days that I do manage to sleep in a bit later, 
I’m awaken by these black birds 😩 Today I don’t
 cook.  So happy about that. No cleaning of 6 pots 
and pans, and no cooking of two different meals. 
 Yeah easy day for me today in the kitchenπŸ˜„

The weather has been a little less hot. Not much,
 but even one degree cooler is welcomed.  My parents,
 and my sister Mala are experiencing cooler temperatures.
  When I tell it to Arvid even he says it would be a nice change.
 For a man who prefers the heat, that's surprising 😊.

Also of course Norway is having cooler days, 
but with the rain that is not so appealing.  As my 
mom would say, “appreciate where you are
 and what you have.”  She’s of course right.

November is getting closer which means Rima’s
 move back to the East Coast is getting closer.  Rima is 
ecstatic. She’s been a missing the East Coast very much,
 and can’t wait to be at mom and dads for Thanksgiving.  
Fingers crossed that everything will work out for them 🧑

Nina and David live in Tampa, Florida. Nina's
 dream has been to leave from the day they 
landed in Florida. That dream may be coming
 through sooner than expected πŸ™ for her.

Today I will just relax, do a little work, pamper
 Sniff; which is an everyday thing ❤️ Also 
read my book πŸ“–.  Island life mode 🌴

Today is our nephew Riley’s birthday.  His last 
one to be held in California at least for now.
  Happy birthday to “the professor” as Arvid 
always calls him πŸ’™ we love you and we are
 very excited you will be closer to us all.

Wishing everyone a good day.  Appreciate the now and
 the little things in life.  Life is unpredictable and one day 
when we look back hopefully it’s not with regrets 🀎

It's not about what happens, it about how you handle it...