Jan 22, 2022

Molly June 11th 1928- January 21st 2022

 Whatever you want to do do it today, 
there are only so many tomorrows...

After 93 years and seven months the light faded from 
Molly's eyes.  Yesterday,  Arvid's mother took her last breath.  
Holding her hands to the very end was her son, Arvid's younger
 brother. Arvid did not make it in time to see his mother one 
last time.  To hold her, and say "I love you mom 😢"

Molly's three granddaughters were a constant presence
 by her side, as was her grandson Michael.  They never 
let go of her hand.  She felt safe, and as much
 as one can be ready to die, Molly was.  

Does not make it any less heartbreaking.  I only 
wished she would have held on until Arvid was there.  
 Until he was able to hold her and hug her one more time.
  That didn't happen.  Two brothers.  Arvid is the eldest. 

Arvid is watching soccer and Sniff refuses to move.
How does your day look.  Still very cold here.

Death is the end of a lifetime.  
Not the end of a relationship...