Jan 9, 2022

January 9th ~

 In order to find stability in the world 
we must first find it in ourselves...

Unfortunately the snow has just about disappeared.  Just a
 little white dusting was all that was left early yesterday 😭. It is also
much warmer, so the icicles on the rocks is also just about melted.

 Not much happening right now.  Waiting for warmer
 weather to come this way.  I know it will be months, but every
 so often we have a "warm" spell.  Makes it seems as if winter
 is on it's way out.  That is until the next freeze hits 😂

Sniff is happy here in Branson, so is Arvid and I,
 except when it's really cold.  Then Arvid gets a little antsy. 
 The key is he has to be busy, and there is no one like Arvid
 to "make" work and stay busy.  Right now he loves to
 inform me of all things related to climate change.  This
 is keeping him very busy.  Guess for now that's good.

Let's see what his latest is today.  With Arvid everyday
 holds something new/different. You can say that this is good
 (?)  Keeps you on your toes and most of the times keeps
 you guessing what it will be from one day to another.

Good morning everyone.  Me I just want to stay put in 
one place 😂 without having to pack up and leave again.

Stability is everything.  Being it emotional or physical.
You need a solid ground to build anything on...