Jan 8, 2022

Saturday January 8th ~

 The only time you should ever look
 back is to see how far you've come...

January 2018, Branson Missouri.  Temperatures
 reached a low of 8F (-13C).  Arvid forgot that it could
 get this cold.  Says he blocks out quite a few things.

The above and below pictures are from January 2018.  We also 
had snow.  At the time we had a "job" running 2 hotels.  Today 
it's much more relaxing.  When it's cold we just stay in.

Looking back at times is OK as long as you don't
 dwell too much on the past.  Even though I tell myself this, 
I can't stop myself from looking back, and the memories come 
rushing. I look back too much too often on the time in PR, 
and the kitties I left behind.  Somedays it hurts like hell.

It's warming up so today we can maybe get out a little,
 even if it's only to go to Home depot and the grocery store.

Good morning and a good day to all.

You will face many defeats in life, 
but you never let yourself be defeated...