Jan 14, 2022

January 14th ~

 It's the circle of life.  And it moves us all. 
Through despair and hope Through faith and 
love' Til we find our place On the path unwinding...

As one life fades another is flourishing.  That's the 
case our family is going through right now.  It's the circle 
of life.  So "easy" to talk about, but unless you are living it, 
you have absolutely no idea of what it involves.

Arvid's mom is 93.  Yes, she has lived a long life, and 
the truth is she has always been so very strong.  One always
 "assumed" she will be there forever.  Life is not so.  

She's not doing well, and no matter how much 
one would like to say that she's had a good life and
 has lived longer than many, well let's just say
 that when reality hits, it's not so easy.

In the above picture she's with Amelia, her great
 granddaughter.  Our granddaughter, who also happens 
to be the youngest member in the family.  The oldest 
and the youngest, and little Amelia is all smiles.

There is a family separated right now by distance
 and COVID.  The world has gotten so much more difficult 
since COVID is in the picture, but at the end of the day,
 COVID or no COVID family comes before everything.

Life is a circle. The end of one
 journey is the beginning of the next...