Feb 3, 2022

February 3rd ~

 You don't need to be perfect together, 
you just need to be happy together...

To hear Arvid say, "I miss Sniff" filled my heart with
 happiness.  Arvid loved Brutus, and only Brutus, and he
 never would hesitate to say he misses him, but it is not
 often I have heard him say the same of Sniff.  

He loves Sniff, but he would say, "Brutus was 
special."  That's why, Arvid saying, "I miss Sniff" 
made me so happy.  Sniff makes me happy.

Good morning everyone.  Let's not forget that it is 
not just about the life lost, but also  the life lived.

I talked to Arvid early this morning.  It was just 4am
 my time, but already 11am where he is.  He didn't sound
 good.  He has the flu, and he gets it bad.  He told me 
he felt lost without me.  He didn't sound good at all. 
 I wish I could have been there with him right now.

Without my cat my house would probably
 be cleaner, and I'd probably have more money,
 but my heart...my heart would be empty...