Feb 5, 2022

Saturday February 5th ~

 May you always live in interesting times...

The sun is out, but the day remains cold and the snow 
has not started to melt as yet. And I am so ready to go out 
and do something, but if I were smart, I would stay in.

Here at home, we woke up to the chill, but didn't stop
 Sniff from wanting to be brushed.  One of our favorite
 things to do every morning.  We both love it.

Had a little memory check between Fort Lauderdale 
times and Branson living.  Quite different, but both have
 their good sides.  I love the birds in our backyard.

The snow is over one foot deep.  The footprints in the snow belong to the deers.

Good morning everyone.  It's going to be an interesting day.

Spend time thinking of what you want 
rather than what you don't want...