Feb 6, 2022

Sunday February 6th ~

 Being prepared is much better 
than being taken by surprise...

Sniff has been acting strange these last few days.  
Strange in that he keep standing by the fireplace and just 
stares at it, as if there ware something there.  I don't like
 this behaviour one bit.  Long time ago Brutus did the 
same when we lived in Florida.  Was not good.  

Yeah, still have our little Christmas thing around.  
Seems a shame to put them away when they are so cute.  
So it stays until I get tired of seeing it.  I'm more concerned
 as to what Sniff sees.  It's starting to freak me out a bit.

I want to know what it is that Sniff sees or hears.  
I checked the fireplace, but did not see anything nor did 
I hear anything.  Just to not be unprepared I decided I
 needed to do something.  Just incase.  So I ordered me a
 Machete from Amazon.  We are snowed in after all.

I'm hoping I will not have to use the machete, but if I
 have to then I will.  I refuse to be scared in my own home,
 although I am freaked out.  I plan to be prepared than 
to be caught unawares.  Victim I never will be 😲

I am prepared.  Now to sharpen my Machete.  I do have a file for that.
So, how is your day looking so far?  It's sunny and beautiful here.

To be prepared is half the victory...