Feb 15, 2022

Tuesday February 15th ~

 She is clothed with strength and dignity;
 She can laugh at the days to come...

Talking with Arvid is always interesting.  Yesterday 
while talking, I just could not stop laughing.  It's not
 as if I were laughing at him.  Not at all 🙊 I just
 can't help laughing at the way he says things. 
 Even when being serious, he's very funny.

He was telling me all about what his week looks
 like 😂 the best part was when he got to Sunday. 
 He said, "and I don't plan to sleep in the bed.  I will
 sit up get a little snooze so that I can just jump up
 and run off as fast as possible in the morning."

Hearing Arvid say it is funny because it's so him.  
He just has this way about him.  And he always
 makes me laugh, and yes on occasions, mad at the
 same time.  Arvid is what I refer to as "special."

Beautiful warm weather here.  According to Arvid it's 
miserable where he is.  Seems like there is lots of rain.  
Where as here in Branson, it is warm, sunny and 
clear blue skies.  I am happy to be where I am.

So many possibilities when you have warm weather.
To all a good day, and may it be an awesome one.

In another part of the world, Molly is being put to rest.

Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional.
 Let this be a sign that you’ve got a big heart and 
aren’t afraid to let others see it. Showing 
your emotions is a sign of strength...