May 7, 2023

Sunday May 7th ~

You may be as different as the sun and the moon,
 but the same blood flows through both your hearts. 
You need her, as she needs you.  She's my sister...
It's my sister's birthday, and she's celebrating in Florida.  
They will be spending the night in South Beach and enjoying
 some much needed warmth after the cold spell they were
 also having in Philadelphia. Time for palm trees and ocean.  
She loves the ocean ever since we were little girls growing up 
in Puerto Rico.  The beach was always our "backyard."

Yesterday was a warm and beautiful day here in Branson.
  Made for a good outing and for some delicious nibbles.

The day is a bit on the gloomy side as of now, but it's warm. 
 Maybe a little rain, but so far every time rain has been predicted for 
Branson, we have been "saved"  Soccer for Arvid and overall a 
relaxed time for Sniff and I.  Happy Sunday everyone 😊.

Life is a journey.  It's not where you end up,
 but it's how you got there...