May 15, 2023

The Key Is To Stay Busy ~ Monday May 15th

 Believe in the future's promise,
 each new day brings a new chance...

I keep busy.  I honestly try to stay as busy as possible, but then 
there are those moments when I'm not busy and my mind takes 
off to places that brings back too much sadness.  I am trying. 
 It will take some time, but I am really trying to stay focused.

To be Sniff and not have a worry in this world.  
That has to be an amazing feeling.  Sometimes I wish I 
would just forget everything, but then at the same time,
 I would forget so many wonderful things.  NO!!

Somedays my memories are my worst enemy.  I don't live there, but
 it is part of me.  Life happens, and not always the way we want it to.

Monday.  New week and new mindset is how it goes.  Not always 
happening, but one can always try and give life its best shot.

A mind wants to forget but,
 a heart will always remember...