May 5, 2023

Friday May 5th~

The history of every country begins in the heart
 of a man or a woman.  Life's short. Eat more tacos!

 Not sure what is going on but ever since we arrived in 
Branson I have not been feeling well. Granted my allergies 
are horrible at the same time I feel sick and feverish
 all the time. I have had no energy to do much and
 really don’t feel like myself.  This is unlike me.

I do everything I have to do but in a listless way.  Also,
 I thought my breast was healed from the surgery but 
the last 2 weeks it has been hurting again. I keep 
saying I may have pulled a muscle, but then one 
has to do something to pull a muscle 😂.

The fact that I have not yet been to see anyone Almost Home 
is not like me.  I don’t have the desire to go there right now. 
I still keep in touch, help in anyways I can, but that’s it.

Friday. I am daydreaming of being back home in Fort Myers.
 If I could I would go home today with Sniff.  I miss the
 blue skies, the palm trees and our  life in Florida, at the
 same time, I am enjoying some of Missouri's finest.

 Today I’m a little down so I’m sure that’s that's how I
 am coming across.  I try to always be positive and I am but 
some days it’s a little harder. These allergies are terrible. I can 
hardly breathe at nights.  So yeah I feel miserable right now.  
Thank goodness for Sniff. He’s always there to cheer me up.

Today we take two of our previous tenants, now friends 
out for lunch. This is making me feel better already.  We 
usually take them out to lunch a few times during our stay.  
Since we got here we have been busy, mostly Arvid.  He keeps 
working 9-5. He’s a one man show and a man with a mission. 

Friday already.  Another week soon over.
 To all a good day. Here we expect more rain.

Fiesta all day, siesta all night.  Happy Cinco de Drinko...