May 31, 2023

Wednesday May 31st~

Sometimes life's most important moments 
are quiet, a decision made quick and calm...

 When it comes to basking n the sunshine no one beats Sniff. 
 Wherever there is a ray of sunshine Sniff is right there.  Yesterday the
 sun did not come out too much, but in the afternoon it graced us with 
its presence and Sniff was right there.  All stretched out and relaxed.

My mom and sisters call Sniff the model.  And I can
 see why.  Not only is he perfect, but he is just the most 
beautiful little dude.  Obviously I am NOT biased 😂

With almost no more soccer games to watch, 
Arvid is getting restless.  Thankfully we can watch
 the Florida Panthers vs Vegas Golden Knights 
faceoff in the Stanley Cup finals. 

 Hockey time is here.  LET'S GO PANTHERS!!!
 and just like that, we are halfway into the week.  
Time sure is moving along FAST I will to say.

To all a good day. Well it seems as if I am going to be
 going to have a few more visits with the doctors.  I definitely
 need to get home to Fort Myers.  I need to keep all these doctors
 in one location only.  Already tests are overlapping and there 
is not much I can do about.  Every doctor wants to have their
 own tests performed on me.  I am but a guinea pig here.

I can think of worse things than being used as guinea pigs...