Dec 16, 2023

Saturday December 16th~

  If you find a way to enjoy being alone, you won; 
No one can stop you from enjoying life to the fullest...

It's party time and the rides are not too shabby. 
 Yesterday there was a pretty impressive limo waiting for
 a group of people in our building.  People just watched
 as that huge limo pulled up.  Me included 😂

Here at home Sniff is still curious about the few Christmas 
decorations we have.  We do have a singing elf and it scared 
the living daylights out of him, but he keeps going back
 for more "torture"  He is also fascinated by the Troll.

Christmas the Florida way, a little different from many places. 
 Here we decorate our palm trees.  Just like they do in Puerto Rico.

Stormy weather expected today.  Not a good day to be out. Was so
 looking forward to seeing Nina, David and Max today in Tampa,
 but better to be safe.  They will be back in January and then
 we will sure see them.  To make up for my disappointment 
Arvid took me to a nice lunch and delicious sangrias.

Everyday Facebook makes me laugh.  Today was 
no exception.  This is not meant to be offensive.  

Sometimes I think of something so wrong and inappropriate
 that my little black heart skips a beat😂.  A Good day to all.

The happiest people don't have the best of everything;
 they just make the best of everything...