Dec 6, 2023

Wednesday December 6th~

I’m not there to be perfect, I’m here to be real...

 Both Arvid and I went to the doctor yesterday. I had my 
follow up with my radiation oncologist. I really like her a lot 
same as I like all of my doctors here in Fort Myers. The care is
 so much more personalized than what I have been used to.
  I had the same personalized care in Branson, Missouri.

Arvid also had a doctors appointment, with a dermatologist 
.  He went to check on some skin spots. Thankfully there was
 nothing serious but the dermatologist did go a step further just
 to prevent any of the spots from becoming cancerous. 

 The doctor did what’s called a cryosurgery.  This is the 
treatment of lesions with the application of a cold substance,
 in most cases liquid nitrogen is used to destroy the lesion.  Arvid
 is good. It was nothing serious. More like taking precautions.

As 2023 is soon coming to an end, I am just about finished
 with all my doctors appointments.  I am happy to say that
 so far all has been going well.  I am still waiting to have 
surgery for my sinus infection, but paperwork seems
 to be more critical than a persons well being.

I was called by the insurance coordinator to “discuss” 
the possible 14-20K that “could” be due at the time of surgery.  
All I said was I needed this surgery, and I most definitely will
 not pay up that amount upfront.  I have medical insurance, at the 
same time my hospital bills continue to grow with each visit.
  Welcome to America and the health care system here.

We are soon expecting another cold front in Fort Myers.  
Got the sweaters and my UGG’s ready😂.  When in Florida 
go with the flow. Sniff has his heating bed so we are all ready 
for it.  Arvid, does not matter is always dressed for winter.

Wishing everyone a good day just remember life is like a
 box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re gonna get.

 I wake up every morning believing that 
today is going to be better than yesterday...