Dec 15, 2023

Stormy Weather Coming ~ December 15th

If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm...

A storm is brewing in our area.  Thunderstorms similar 
to a tropical storm, and possibility of tornadoes.  None 
of these seem to be a good idea to be on the road.

All of SWFL, the nation and many parts of the world are very
 concerned about M12 and F23's safety.  M15 has followers in many
 countries and everywhere in the USA.  I see it in their comments and
 postings.  A particular couple comes twice a year from Germany
 and as they said,  "we stay in Fort Myers so we are close to
 the nest.  It's the highlight of our trip."  I have yet to see
 their nest, sad because it's less than a half hour from us.

Bad weather still coming.  No Tampa this time 😕

If you want to enjoy the rainbow, 
be prepared to endure the storm...