Jun 12, 2012

Dog Rescues Abandoned Newborn...

Lots of people talk to animals.... Not very many listen, though.... That's the problem....

We have all heard and read amazing stories of how pets have saved the lives of their loved ones.  Every time I read such a story I am always touched and I always have a new respect of these animals we call our friends.  What is it about these animals that they can sense danger and go into protect mode just like that?  
Never does a day go by that I am not awed by these amazing animals.  For instance not so long ago I read about the dog that was hurt while dragging and saving his owner from the path of an oncoming train.  
Just a few days ago this story about a dog rescuing a newborn also appeared on the news.

A farm dog in Ghana has attained hero status after spending a night protecting an abandoned newborn human. Authorities say the dog, along with its two-week-old charge, was found under a bridge in Winkongo which is near Bolgatanga, the Upper East Regional Capital of Ghana, near the farm where he lives – with the tiny baby snuggled against him.

A search party had been convened to look for the dog, not the baby, when the pooch's worried owner got concerned that her pet hadn't returned home in the evening. Searchers spent most of the night tracking the hound through nearby fields and woods, and came upon the unlikely pair quite some time later; finally locating him under the bridge near the farm he calls home, they were surprised to find the dog curled around a human infant.

I don't know how they know, but our pets do know when we are hurt, when we are sad and most definitely when we are in danger.  Brutus is by no means a rescue animal, but there is something in him that tells him when we are stressed, when we are not feeling too good and most definitely when we are sad.

A while back Arvid was stressed and
was not feeling too good.  He was laying on the bed in the middle of the day, not usual for him.  Out of nowhere Brutus materialized and just went close to him snuggled up to him and kept him warm.  Brutus seemed to know that Arvid was not well and he just stayed there until he woke up.  That night when Arvid was also very cold Brutus came back on the bed and stayed with him and kept him warm and toasty.

Our pets are our little buddies.  Treat them well and take care of them.  You are all they have and the thing is they love you no matter what.
Have a good day all:)

Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to...