Jun 18, 2012


Everything is nicer when shared with a niece!

A niece grows more precious as time goes by.

A niece adds beauty, joy, and love to life.

A niece makes life a little sweeter...

Her smile beams like sunshine, which 

fills our hearts with love...

I am blessed with 4 beautiful nieces.  I have no children of my own so my nieces are like the little daughters I have always wanted.  I also have wonderful nephews, but today is dedicated to all my 4 nieces.  

All of them are excellent students.  It seems when brains were being passed out these girls were given more than the usual.  They are all with the exception of Lilly Vade (who is still a baby only four years old) honor roll students.  What they have in brains they even double up in common sense.

Danielle is seventeen years old.  She's the daughter of my sister Naleena (Nina), and they live in Philadelphia. From the day she was born no one could tell Danielle that she could not do something.  Telling her that was just like saying, OK go ahead and do it.  I have watched her grow up to become one of the most positive persons I know.

Arvid has gotten to know her really well also in the last few years, and he always tells me how amazed he is with her.  Her passion is writing and she has won many competitions in her school because of this.  Both Arvid and I have the pleasure of having her with us every year in Chicago.  We take her around all day everyday and she loves it.  By the time we get back home we are all tired, but happy.  We both look forward to this summer with her.  

When Danielle is not busy with school, she has many little jobs, which she has been doing now for quite a few years.   She pet sits in the neighborhood, she works part-time at a grocery store, and she does volunteer work a few days a week and Zumba. She also finds time in the summer to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.  Busy little thing.

The second eldest niece is Kimberly, Kimsy as I call her; she lives in Puerto Rico and her mom is my sister Nirvana.  Kimsy is fully bilingual Spanish and English and from what I last heard also fluent in French.  She just turned fifteen years old, and also very active in her school community and in her class.  Of all my nieces and nephews I would say she is the jet setter, going from place to place in a private plane or helicopter.  Summers are spent in Europe and mini vacations are spent all over the various Caribbean Islands.  Kimsy takes modeling classes and has already been featured in many fashion shows.

Reshma turned 13 years old on the 31st of this month going on 30 it seems.  She was born in New York, grew up in Florida and now lives in Vermont.  While living here I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend many special times with her and the family.  Reshma is the daughter of my sister Nirmala.

One of my favorite memories of her was when I visited them in New York.  She was this tiny little thing, but when asked what her favorite show was she would right away say "Emeril", yes the cooking show.  Her favorite sport was golf and she just loved Tiger Woods.  She was just a little over one years old.  She loved to eat chicken wings with lots of sauce and yes, spicy.  To this day she is something else.

She has had many an interesting times in school.  She was once the school monitor in charged of making sure everyone conserved electricity.  She went around classrooms and offices turning off lights and reprimanding anyone she thought was not doing their jobs.  Feisty little thing. 

Just a few weeks ago she went to her first school trip that took her away from home for 2 nights and 3 days.  Mom and dad were a wreck, it was Reshma who told them, "everything will be OK."   For this trip she earned her own money by selling baked goods door to door, raking the neighbors grass and any other odd jobs that were available.  Being aunty, I thought it would be nice to help out as well.

She loves emailing, reading, cooking and like all girls her age going to the mall.  Her birthday wish is to go to the biggest mall in the area and just have a whole day there.   She's a shopper all right!

My youngest niece is Lilly Vade or LV for short.  She is what you would call TROUBLE with capital letters.  One minute this little four year old is all sweet and innocent.  Next thing you know she's waiting by the door to give Dexter (the doggie) a friendly kick, but you take that doggie away from her and she will tear you apart.

LV was born in San Antonio, Texas and is the daughter of my baby sister Narima.  They now live in Virginia where she attends gymnastics and is the little helper to her mom.  

Arvid and I have been many a times to Texas to visit them and every time we see her she is more and more affectionate and cuddly.  The last time we were at their home she never gave him any rest and he loved every moment.  She is sweet, loving and so girly that you forget for a moment that beneath all that cuteness lurks a very strong minded little girl.  Love her and all of them to death.  I love the sound of her voice when she says, "I love you auntie Nad."  

Whenever I hear those words from any of them I know that I am in a good place. I know that I must have done something right to deserve their love and affection.  I hope this never stops and I want them all to know that I am always here for them.  No matter where or who if you should need me I will be here.  Now and always!

You all hold a special place in my heart.  Both Uncle Arvid and I are lucky to be a part of your lives.  Love you always, Danielle, Kimsy, Reshma and Lilly Vade...

A baby girl...one of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can ever know, and one of the reasons why there is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happiness in your world today...

until next time..