Jun 4, 2012

Snack On Popcorn...

That awkward moment when you finish a medium popcorn by the opening credits at the movie theater...

The last time I was at my dentist, I had a few minutes and as usual I found something interesting to read, even if it was from The National Enquirer.   

Tucked away in all the trashy gossip and juicy scandals, there was an article about the benefits of popcorn.  Got me interested.  It goes like this:

Popcorn, already known to be a good source of fiber, also has higher levels of antioxidants than some fruits and vegetables!  Now this was surprising for me.

It says that researchers analyzed four brands  and found that the antioxidant levels range from about 242 to 363 milligrams.

In comparison, a serving of many fruits had only about 160mg of antioxidants.  Based on its fiber content, antioxidant levels, it was concluded that popcorn is the king of snack food, but beware of the butter because pretty soon what was once healthy not is not so healthy once you pile in the butter.

Once I read this I felt it was OK to go to the movies and indulge in some popcorn ashamed to say ate most before the movie even started.   Movie was good and the popcorn was delicious.

Good snacking everyone and have a great day!

Sometimes I think that all anyone needs in life is lots of popcorn and a few Lovelies...