Nov 3, 2013

One Of A Kind...

It is not the strongest of the species that survives,
 nor the most intelligent that survives.
 It is the one that is the most adaptable to change...

Every so often Arvid gets into one of these crazy moods of his.  The latest is his
 getting raid of everything plastic we own.  For the longest time, and this is since I 
have known him; he only wanted to drink in plastic glasses.  That being the case 
I bought some very sturdy and nice glasses from a store called Frontgate in North Carolina.
  He loved them and was always using them.  I also bought storage containers. 
 Lots of them so that when they look not so good I throw them away and replace 
with new ones, just like everyone.  Nothing extraordinary here.

Recently Arvid saw something on the news on TV.  Next morning he started throwing
 all our plastic glasses and containers away. Everything plastic has to go.  That's how
he put it. I who never drink in plastic was kind of  amazed because I have been trying to
do this for the longest time, but he was always fiercely opposed to it.  Needless
to say I was happy.  I thanked whatever was in the news for this.

Casually I asked him what was it that caused this reaction.  This is what he said.
 EPA.  That is all he says now.  EPA= Environmental Protection Agency.
 Says he has to protect Brutus and I from any dangers lurking around the corner.  
Said his mission in life is to watch over us even if we don't seem to care.  On 
and on he rambled on about the dangers of plastic.  Without hesitation is threw all
 our plastic away well almost all.  I then told him he now has to replace all the containers.  
That he did without hesitation because as he said, "we will live longer"  I asked him, "do you
know what EPA stands for?"  He looks at me and says, "nope, but I know it's bad."

The man is a maniac at times, but the best of maniacs.  The other day he was fixing
something. It did not work.  He swears it was manufactured badly.  What does he do?
 He takes a hammer and  bangs it to death.  Now it really did not work. Next thing I
know he's cursing like crazy, in Norwegian of course.  Then he finds a file and starts
 filing the steel that he  damaged while banging it with a hammer.

I sit and I watch him make more work for himself.  I know at that moment the best thing
to do is just stay quiet.  Hard for me to do.  Of course when I talk he goes berserk 
again and says that I make him lose concentration.   Both Brutus and I look at
 him and just roll our eyes.  At times like this he says I talk too much and then
claims that if I did not talk so much he would not have to do all this extra work.
Says because of me he can't concentrate and that's why it did not turn out right.

The thing is when he is in this mood, he's furious but I find it very amusing.  This of 
course does not sit well with him.  Like right now, he's trying to concentrate and 
I'm talking to him.  Not good.  Guess there are times when silence is the way to go.

Arvid is a one of a kind man.  Whichever way you understand that, you're probably 
not wrong.  The thing about me is that I don't ever agree with his methods of
doing stuff.  I always believe there is a better and more efficient way of
working, so we constantly clash.  Have to say though whatever it is we are doing
always gets done.  One thing about Arvid he NEVER gives up.  He is not
a quitter and I love him so.. I still don't think he knows what EPA really is :)

Have a great Sunday and remember sometimes too much
knowledge is just as bad as not enough knowledge.

If I was an artist, you would be my picture! 
If I was a poet, you would be my inspiration! 
If I was a river, you would be my ocean! 
If I was a Doctor, you would be my permanent patient!
 If I was an author, you would be my story!