Nov 11, 2013

That's How It Is....

Happiness comes when we stop complaining about 
 the troubles we have and offer thanks
for all the troubles we don't have...

Unfortunately, no one wants to hear you complain day in day out about
how horrible the world is or how miserable your life is.
People actually prefer to think that everything is OK.  That way
there is never any guilt about them not doing anything.

As you you know, anywhere you go someone is bound to ask, "how are you today?"
How is your day?" and so forth.  Be it at the grocery store, the sales girl at
the mall, the get the picture.  Everyone has this standard answer,
"I'm all right.  Everything is good."  One day I decided to put it to the test.

The grocery girl asked the question, "how are you today?"  I looked at her
and I really told her how I really was.  Some was made up to see the reaction.
Needless to say, she looked very uncomfortable with me spilling my guts.
Have to say no one wants to know how you really are.  The question is merely a 
formality and the expected answer is, "all is good."  Anything else is just
way too much information.  Same with families.  

They do want to know how you are, and how you're doing, but up to a point.  
Take Arvid for instance, he always says to me, "the less I know the better off I am." 
 Maybe he has a point.  But for now, next time someone asks "how are you?", 
most likely what they are expecting to hear is, "I'm fine."

Monday and I'm ready for the week.
How about you?  Enjoy the day and the week that follows.
Remember, being happy or being miserable is what separates most people.

Happy are they who take life day by day
complain very little, and are thankful
for the little things in life.
It would certainly make my week a lot better 
if I was off work every Monday.
somebody needs to make this happen...