Nov 20, 2013

So Far....

Relaxation is releasing all concern and tension
and letting the natural order of life flow through ones being...

On a supposedly "power walk" we just had to stop and see the dolphins play.

As a result we caught them in action.  Actually Arvid did.

As he was capturing the dolphins, I was catching him taking pictures of them
They are just amazing to watch.  I can watch them for hours and hours.  So
beautiful and they just seem to love all the attention the crowd is showing.

I do believe they are smiling at us and are happy to make us happy.  Today 
we learnt that there is one dolphin here that is 40 years old.  Amazing is what I say!
Arvid was also in the mood to do some balcony cleaning.  He enjoys sitting and
listening to Sirius Blues.

So far we are having a really good time.  By Sunday it will be even better.
It's warm, sunny, the food is good, the people are friendly and best
of all it's vacation...  Arvid refused to bring his cell phone and laptop.
Claims that he does not wish to be bothered by anyone.  Good thing is I always 
have my phone and my laptop which he can and does use every so often.

It's not how much we have, but how much
we enjoy that makes happiness...