Nov 16, 2013

Special Moments...

I enjoy moments alone with myself.
My energy is restored and I'm reconnected with my soul....

Yesterday was a pretty good day if I may say.  I had five hours all to myself.
Of course Arvid had the same to do as he wished as well.  Worked out great for
both of us.  Most of the times we do just about everything together.  Not bad, but
having some alone time is also so very nice.  I can do as I please and when I please.

I choose to do absolutely nothing.  That is, I did not go out.  I stayed home
made myself a very delicious lunch.  My favorite, Chicken Curry and I did not 
have to rush and eat.  It was quiet, peaceful and I even caught up on some reading
while I was eating.  My only company was Brutus sitting not far from me sound asleep.

After five hours it was good to have Arvid around again.  His energy is always
something I enjoy, even when he is at times exhausting.  Being alone is good,
but having someone around is even better.  Once he came home everything 
came alive with sounds, laughter and lots of planning.  It was a very good
Friday evening.  We did not have to go out to have a great time at home with 
good friends.  Some good food, a few drinks and music was all we needed.

Friday was good.  Now let's see what Saturday holds.
Wishing you all a good day and don't forget,
life is a blank canvas and you are the artist.

Alone time is when I distance myself from
the voices of the world so I can hear my own...