Jan 20, 2014

A Man's Thing?

Wise men talk because they have something to say,
fools because they have to say something...

The other day we were watching this TV show called Duck Dynasty.  Have to say
it is funny and both Arvid and I enjoy it.  It's easy to follow and you don't have 
to really pay much attention to actually find it funny.  Just fun to watch.

Anyway the other night Willie, one of the characters on the show was on the phone.
All we heard on his end was yes, OK, sure, will do, got it...etc  Made me laugh
because it reminded me so much of Arvid when he is on the phone.
All I hear from his side is usually a one word response.  He like Willie
is not one to hear long details, Arvid likes to get to the point and that's it.
Maybe men are this way.  Not sure but I know Arvid and I know he is not one
for too much "babble" as he calls it.   Most times I tell him to not rush it
so much but... The man is always in a rush.  Just his way of life I guess.

Arvid says that Willie is right.  That he does not need to hear every detail
of every moment of anyones life.  Willie was talking to his wife and after he 
hung up the phone he said, "man can't she just shut up"  Now this made Arvid 
laugh.  Said that's exactly what he thought.  Sometimes I wonder about him...

Well hope your week started out good.  I'll tell you one thing,
life with Arvid is never dull.  Hectic yes, rushed on a daily basis yes!
But boring never.  He is a constant energizer bunny, Brutus and I are
always on the look out for his patterns...Yes interesting always.

"Yakety yak yakety yak, don't talk back.
No speakee, no speakee"...
 Arvid copying Peter Griffin on Family Guy.
Maybe trying to tell me something?

May you always live in interesting times...