Jan 11, 2014

Good Morning...

My daily routine, get up!
Be amazing, go back to bed....

Always so very nice to have company, but then it's time for them to leave and
 for that moment it's a little sad.  That was the case last night as we said our goodbyes
to Arvid's brother and his fiancee.  The thing is that this being life, we get back 
straight into our everyday routines and as Arvid says, "life goes on."

I am sure we are all glad to go back to "normalcy."  I think that the one who has
been the most "stressed" in a way has been Brutus.  He is not used to all the 
comings and goings that have been taking place.  Right now he is just happy
that we are home and that he has someone to take him to his foodies and brush him.

For now, good morning everyone.  Hope your day is spectacular.
Typical, as soon as company leaves the weather is looking better.  Sunshine all over.

Remember to always look for the magic in the daily routine...

Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have...