Jan 15, 2014


Thoughts Become Things...
 Choose The Good Ones...

Sometimes we forget what life is all about.  What we are
all about.  We get caught up in things that really do not matter and
we stray away from that what really matters.  Including myself as well.

It takes just a little reminder to make us realize that what we have now is precious 
and worth fighting and living for.  Don't forget to ever say thank you EVERYDAY!

Don't be one of the many who much later in life look back and say,
"boy I wish I had done so and so."  Do it now.  Live it now!

When everything tells you that it's impossible listen to that little voice inside 
of you, screaming "nothing is impossible."

Life does not always go the way one would like it to go.  Too many bumps along the road.
I have had my share and I have always faced it with a positive attitude.  
I still continue to do so.  Don't see why I should stop now.  

In times of great stress and adversity, it's always best to keep busy,
to plow your anger and energy into something positive.

Stand out from the crowd, be yourself...