Apr 30, 2014

Always Something ...

Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, 
but expecting different results...

A big part of yesterday was spent at a doctors office... doing what I seem to be doing 
quite often waiting.  This time the extra long wait time was all my fault.  I thought I had
a 1pm appointment so got there early 12:30 to fill out the necessary paperwork.  Always a chore.
When I got there the waiting room was empty.  Imagine my delight thinking that this would be one
 of the first times ever that I would be seen on time.  I sat for a while and after about half hour still 
was waiting.  An older couple arrived around 1:15.  The first thing she said was, "you go sit there."

This was directed to her husband who happily sat.  The moment she sat we started to talk.
I mention to her that soon I would have been waiting for almost an hour.  She looks at me and 
said, "honey, you know they take lunch between 1 and 2pm?"  OOPS!!  I was over an hour early.

The time went by really fast because the lady and I just talked and talked.  She thought I was 
20 years old.  I did ask her at that point if she had eye problems as well as the others she had 
mentioned.  She looks at me and said, "I do"  Well burst my bubble, but I was still smiling.

I eventually saw the doctor.  He decided that I will have to take the radiation pill.
The process is not as easy as it sounds.  Two weeks before I take the pill I will be on 
a rigid low iodine diet.  Lots of explanation.. bla, bla, bla.  The only thing I heard was,
"you MAY lose a few pounds."  I looked at him and said "I'm in."  Knowing me, I would 
probably gain weight.  After that I have to have 2 injections on different days to prepare me
for the iodine pill.  Boy I sure hate injections especially these that will be on the butt.

As with everything radiation, there are a few precautions that need to be taken.
Already Arvid and I are making contingency plans and I'm liking them.
I also did something out of my norm the other day, I went to the beach 
to see the sunrise.  Liked it so much so hope to do it soon again.

For now another beautiful morning here.  

It's going to be HOT.  I know for many this is a welcoming thing especially when you live 
in the cold as do my sisters, for us it's just a little too hot, but even so I already have 
lots fun things planned for the day combined with work. 
 Another doctors appointment later on today. 
Not so keen on going, but what you're going to do?

Wishing you all a good day.
Don't be like Grumpy Cat :)

A day without sunshine is like, you know, night...