Apr 17, 2014

She's Gone...

Missing someone is your heart's way of reminding you that you love them...

Reshma left yesterday and I feel as if something is missing.  I know it will pass, but for
my heart is sad.  It happens all the time.  Someone visits and when they leave a little
piece of my heart goes with them.  Guess that's something we can't change.

I have had great time with Reshma.  On her last night we watched Disney's
animated feature film Frozen.  All three of us had a good time with it.  Surprisingly,
Arvid did not even complain.  Well he did say he does not care for the singing parts.
I think he was as caught upp in the movie as was Reshma and I.  Pizza in front of the TV
and we had us a really good night.  

Reshma and I were awake at 5:30 to make it to the airport for her early flight.

Yes, she was happy to be going home and a little sad.  Her friends were
disputing if to throw her a welcome home party.  She told me she was able to talk 
them out of it.  Seems like they will all hang out at the movies instead.  Sounds like fun.

Back home it was a busy day.  As things calmed down Arvid said to me,
"care to go listen to music this weekend?"  Guess I am now better so soon 
it's back to our regular stuff.  Music sounds good, especially since we have not
done too much lately.  Arvid is getting restless and needs to be on the move again

Today Lilian comes over for lunch.  Have not seen her in a while and
looking forward very much to cooking for her and to be spending some
time with her.  I know it is going to be quite entertaining.  Liliana is SPECIAL!!

Good morning everyone.
Sun is shining.  It's a beautiful day to be happy.

My daily routine, get up.  Be amazing.
Go back to bed...