Apr 29, 2014

There Again....

So long as the memory of certain beloved ones lives in my heart,
 I shall say that life is good...

Yesterday was another day of cleaning and cleaning.  Pretty soon I think I can hire out my 
services.  Part of cleaning does of course involve sifting through stuff that one has had tucked
 away for years.  In my case there was a lot to look through.  Have barely started, 
but what I saw brought back memories.  Some were good, others were sad. 
 For a few moments there I was taken away to some place far away.

One of my five kitties.  When we lived in California.  Only a few months old
Long time ago I had five kitties.  Long long before Brutus.  I found an album with pictures
 of them. It amazes me how many pictures I have taken of them and stored in an album.  
Today one hardly looks at albums since we keep everything online.  Seeing them made 
me smile and made me sad because when I met Arvid I had to give them up for adoption. 
 To this day it breaks my heart and it's something I would NEVER EVER do again 
if faced with the same circumstances.

In one of the worst times of my life these kitties were my salvation.  They brought joy
 into my life when my life was just full of sadness so seeing them made me smile and
 sad at the same time.  To this day I still miss them and feel guilty about giving them up.
  Today they are all dead.

Going down memory lane was sad for me.  There was a lot of loss and a lot of tragedy 
in my life.  At the same time I also saw moments that will forever live in my heart and 
always bring a smile to my face.  Life it's not always a bed of roses.  It's made up of 
moments good and bad and what we decide to do with it is our choice.  I have been 
given second chances in many things.  For that I will always be grateful  and will 
always appreciate what I have..

14 years ago I met Arvid.  Life has never been the same again and for that I
an grateful everyday.  The little girl in the picture is Michelle, Arvid's youngest
daughter.  She was only 7.  Today she turns 21 and she also has a little daughter
already one year old.  Our grand-daughter Aleah.  Memory lane can also be beautiful.

Wishing you all a good day and remember,
  Everyday is another memory in the making.
Make it count.

Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us...