Apr 7, 2014

Nails..And Some

A Good Relationship is like a neat and defined nail art. 
It requires a lot of concentration, time devotion and patience,
 to take it to perfection...

Like all girls I also enjoy the occasional pampering, and what better
way than to have pretty nails.  A Mani-Pedi is one of the things I
love to indulge in.  Makes me feel pretty and special.

There are some nail fashions I am not too crazy about.  Today we know it as nail art.  
Yes, everyone can do what they please, but me personally I find some of it pretty tacky and
 downright classless.  As for Arvid, he's never afraid to voice his objections to this "nail art"

Well my friends next time you do your nails, here are a few suggestions.
I am sure many of you are much bolder than I am.  You know what they say,
It's all fun and games until someone breaks a nail.

Now that's something to think about next time you have a manicure.
Remember, your nails are like jewels, don't use them as tools.
With this being said, good morning and happy start of the week to all!

Nails are the period at the end of the sentence.
They complete the look...