May 19, 2014

Feeling Happy~

Wake up with determination.
Go to bed with satisfaction...

I'm happy again.  My camera is working!  When we were in Mexico it stopped
taking pictures and no matter what we tried and where we went everyone kept
saying that it will probably be best to just buy a new one.  I was very not content.

We came back Wednesday night.  After taking care of immediate stuff on Thursday,
my next stop was Best Buy.  Even they said they had no clue as to what was going on.
Either I upgrade to a newer model or take a chance and have it repaired.  Which I was
told could cost about half the price of buying a new camera.  My mind was already set on new!

Living by the water gives me more reason to want my camera in working condition.
As you can imagine there is always something going on and I never like to miss an 
opportunity to take pictures.  I am a learning more and more everyday about my camera.

After my trip to best buy, I actually purchased a camera.  I came home and tested
it with my lenses and what do you know, that camera did not work either.  Guess
I found the problem.  My lens was defective.  I was happy and not so happy.
The lens cost as much as the new camera.  Bummer.  Of course I returned the camera,
even though I wanted to keep it since it was a newer model and had many more options.

 Not that my camera is working again there is no stopping.  
Yesterday we went for a walk and I happily took pictures of everything in sight.

I took all the pictures and was very pleased with the results.  Still not happy about
my favorite lens not working, but already working on remedying that situation.

I guess Brutus and Arvid are not so happy because now I hound them.
At least Brutus cannot say much.  Arvid on the other hand threatens to
throw the camera way.  Hmmm...that's why you don't see many of him.
He's always running away.

You have to admit, I do get good pictures of him trying to escape :)

Good morning everyone.  New work week begins.
Remember, train your mind to see the good in everything.

It's not how much we have, but
how much we enjoy that makes happiness...