May 21, 2014

Still Doing Good ~

If you're happy, if you're feeling good, 
then nothing else matters..

The day started out out pretty busy, but nothing unusual here.  
I got up early and as usual begin with taking my thyroid medicine. 
 Not sure what will happen if I forget to take it, but according to Arvid I 
would become even more "aggressive" than usual.

I am still adjusting to the hormonal changes going on and the medicine is still
 being monitored. Eventually I will get to that stage where it will be fine tuned, 
and hopefully so will I.  Know Arvid will be very happy.  As will I.

Yesterday we took Brutus to the vet for a follow-up.  The good news is
the the medicines he is taking are still working.  The dubious news is that we
do not know how long it will work.  The vet was very honest and did not spare our
 feelings.  She said it may come back and we may have to look into amputation again!

For now he is doing great.  In this case we go day by day and are happy
as long as it is not bleeding, oozing and hurting him.  Tomorrow is another day.

Day three on this low iodine.  Still eating fruit.  Also discovered some unsalted
crackers that's allowed, but boy it sure taste like cardboard.  Even Brutus had to agree
that it was not the tastiest of foods.  Found out that the non-dairy creamer I was using was
a no-no.  Now coffee and tea is black with lots of sugar.  I look at it this way, at least I still
get to have coffee so not all is so bad.  After all most people take their coffee black and love it!

Have been trying to seasoning the food with that salt substitute thing.  Taste like hell.

The Mrs. Dash is a little better.  Found out that I would rather eat the food
without salt than season it with that substitute thing.  So far so  good.

Still have lots of fruit left so I'm happy.  Corn on the cob is also pretty 
good without salt.  Yesterday had that and some pasta for lunch.
Let's just say that better days are just around the corner!

Wishing you all better days than what i am going through right now.
They're not bad, but let us just say, I'm looking forward to eating "normal again.

Some people grumble that roses have thorns;
I'm grateful that thorns have roses...