May 9, 2014

Relaxation Time...

Welcome to today.  
Another chance to feel free to change..

  Being here is what we really needed right now.  Relaxation at its best.  No phone calls and
no running around.  For a few days it will be good.  Brutus is doing great with his new
 pet- sitter Wendy.  We Whats app daily and she sends us pictures of him.  She has already
 nicknamed him "the little prince". How cute is that?  As usual Arvid and I tend to see his
 shadow all the time.  That Brutus has forever touched us and has taken over our lives.
 No matter where we are and who we are with we always want to go back home to
"the little prince."  For now though, we are just enjoying ourselves.

One of the first things we did once we arrived, was to go to the different pubs and see who 
will be showing the soccer matches Arvid has to watch.  We came with a schedule of the 
different games and we now have locations where we can watch them.  More like Arvid 
will watch and I will walk around taking in the sights and getting pictures. 
 I love picture taking and now I am getting a little better at it.

As we were having lunch one day, one of the patrons doggie came up to us and snuggled 
up right next to Arvid.  Ever since we got Brutus Arvid has become an animal magnet. 
 They love him and all cozy up to him.  Now he's not that afraid of them.  Says Brutus cured
 him from his fears.  Telling you Brutus cures him from many things.  Made him a better person.  
We also became acquainted with a kitty that looks a little like Brutus, but as Arvid said,  "not as cute."

We are fortunate to be living in an area that has just about everything we need. 
 Every Wednesday and Saturday there is the fresh market to visit.  I stock up on all our 
favorite fruits and some vegetables.  For the next few days I will be eating healthy. 
 Can do the same back home, but don't always do.

So far so good.  Arvid had his soccer.  We have good food and drinks and best of all I do
 what I like to do best. I watch the dolphins swim, play and entertain.  Lots of pictures so 
I'm happy.  Perfect vacation.  What better way to end the evenings than by 
sitting on the balcony and hearing Bob Marley's music from the party boat?

Yes, we are doing good.  Relaxing and de-stressing ourselves.
Wising you all days of relaxation and harmony. 

Having a good time.
Into each day put: one teaspoon of good spirits.
A dash of fun.  A pinch of folly and a heap full of laughter...