Jan 21, 2015

And So We Say Goodbye...

Life is like a bicycle.  To keep your balance you must keep moving...

Today we say goodbye to our little getaway from home.  Today we also go home to Brutus!
Though I love vacations, and who does not, for me the best part is always going
home.  Don't care where we are, there is no place like home.  Home where
Brutus is and where our bed is and all things familiar.

As always we have a great time here in Mexico.  Here Arvid and I have more quality 
time than we actually do at home.  We take long walks every morning. We stop to 
watch the dolphins play and to see the manatees swim.  Just relaxing.

The mornings here are extremely beautiful.  I wake up to the sounds of the birds,
and to the voices of happy workers preparing their boats for their daily tours.

Every day I have a freshly squeezed juice.  My favorite of course is orange juice, but I have
 also tried the carrot and orange together pretty good.   The other day I tried a combination
 made with papaya, oranges, strawberries, carrots, coconut and raspberries.  Never
 had it before and I guess it is now one of my favorites as well.  Another very
good thing here aside from all the tropical frozen drinks is the freshly
 made lemonade.  Yes I also have one of those almost every day.

Yes the days here are lazy and relaxing.  I see the Dolphins everyday and one of my newest
favorites are the manatees.  They are four of them. Two moms one of which is 24 years
 old.  Weighs 1800 lbs and she eats 200 pounds of lettuce everyday. This according
to her trainer.  There are also two babies. One is 4 months old and the
 other is a newborn. They are too cute and I can pend a lot of time
 watching them.  As I say to Arvid they remind me of Bruts.
 He says to me, "all the animals remind you of Brutus."

Well it's time to go home.  Time to say goodbye and until next time.

 It's been good, but my most favorite place in the world is home.
 Home where Brutus is.   Home where we both belong with Brutus.

How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard...