Jan 26, 2015

Monday Again...

Monday is the perfect day to correct last weeks mistakes.
Happy Monday All...

Waiting here is the worst.  We are waiting for a call from Brutus' vet for an appointment to do
 the amputation.  Nerves are on edge, but nothing we can do but wait.  Hopefully soon
we will hear from him and then the anxiety will start all over again.

Good morning everyone.  Hope you have all had a relaxing and pleasant weekend

Arvid and I went to a car show and to an art exhibit.  Was a beautiful day so it was nice to be
outdoors and enjoy some cool air for a change.  Also it is always good to
see pretty cars and see people having fun.  There was also music 
so it made the day even more enjoyable.

Today is is a "cold" day here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, cold for Floridians that is.

Pulling out the heavy sweaters, scarfs and for Arvid long pants.  Even though cold, it is
 a very beautiful day and we are thankful to not be living in the cold.  My
 sisters are having a terrible winter storm as is many parts of the nation.
 Driving conditions are hazardous and all I know is that we have
it pretty good right now.  To all of you please be
safe out there and stay bundled up.

We become strong only after we acknowledge our weakness..