Jan 20, 2015

Pictures... Puerto Aventuras Mexico

Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second...

The best way to appreciate a place is to "see" it.  Today I will share with you some of the
 beautiful sites here in Playa del Carmen.  This is what keeps us coming back.  I love taking
 pictures and when the scenery is as beautiful it makes it even more of a pleasure.  Sadly 
though I dropped one of my cameras.  Somehow I seem to have the worst luck when
 it comes to cameras, the good thing is that the iPhone also takes amazing pictures
 and I do have a backup camera with me at all times, so all is not lost. 
This is the Pelican that tried to bite me.  Kinda cute really.

 For me everyday is amazing.   Life is good and we are enjoying ourselves.  The thing is no 
matter where we are, I find beauty all around us.  We do miss Brutus and everyday we
 see a little kitty cat and fortunately they come to us.  We have food for 
them and it makes us happy.

There is beauty in everything around us.

My intention is to capture every moment.  One day as I told Arvid, when we are older,
we will look back and smile at the beautiful times in our lives.

They say that a camera is a mirror with memory.

To all a good day.
Remember, each photograph is a story captured in a single moment.

I love photos, because the best thing about it is that it never changes,
even when the person in it does...