Feb 6, 2015

Here Comes The Weekend....

No matter how many plans you make or how much in control you are,
 life is always winging it...

I would like to start out today's blog with another bit of humor.  This made me laugh and I'm 
still smiling.  Maybe it will also give some of you a better start of your day/weekend.
Goes like this, "Dad, are they allowed to put two people in the same grave?"

"I don't think so son.  Why do you ask?"  "Because that headstone over there says, 
"Here lies a lawyer and an honest man."  Go figure that all of you.

Lawyer jokes are always funny.  The truth is sometimes 
I don't really think they are all jokes.

Friday morning.  Today the day is looking much better than yesterday.  Yep! Already
a good start of the weekend.  Arvid and I have no concrete plans as of right now.  
We usually decide on the spur of the moment and then we just take off.  

There is something about being spontaneous that suits us both.  Especially when it concerns 
the weekends.  Trips we decide and plan a little more for.  Once we make up our 
minds then we do act fast as well.  Yep!  I think we are the fastest in
 making decisions than anyone we know.

Last night we went to a Hockey game.  We saw the Florida Panthers beat the LA Kings.
What a game.  As usual we had a very good time.  Of course there is always a few
little annoyances, last night we had 2 young men right behind us talking non-stop.

 According to Arvid, they were talking more than girls.  Arvid always claims girls
talk too much.  So terrible.  Says he just has to say a few choice words
 to keep the conversation flowing.  Terrible, but cute.

At some point I was a little annoyed because I don't understand why people have to come
 to the game, not watch the game and just babble nonsense.  I guess I had reached
my limit.  I turned around and all I said was "shut up."  According to Arvid,
 I need more finessing.  Anyway the boys were quite stunned.
They looked at me and after a while said "that's so rude."
Then I said, "if you wish to talk go outside."  

Afterwards Arvid and I had a good laugh about the entire incident and my "rudeness"
and abruptness.  Well it's time to check out the weekend scene.  Lots happening.
To all a good weekend.  Hopefully it is not raining in your area, still
it is nice and warm and we are happy and doing great.

Cheers to the weekend!!!

I can do a week in a weekend. That’s not how efficient I am, that’s how little I work.
Hands up if you’re ready to do something you’ll regret this weekend. 
Go forth! You have my blessing.