Feb 20, 2015

Very Cold Cold Day Again...

I'm shivering like a mobster in tax office...

Cold weather sure brings out the cook in Arvid and when it comes to making hot chocolates 
the man is a gourmet chef!  He takes pleasure and pride in the making of his hot chocolate.
I said to him, "you have to thank your mama for teaching you a few tricks." 

 His response,"Nope, I am better in making hot chocolate than her.  Mine is the best. 
 I don't use salt and I add vanilla sugar"  That he said was his secret ingredient.   
Guess not so secret anymore.  Also when Arvid makes his famous 
hot chocolate we have enough for two days!  So good!

Even though it was really cold yesterday and we did not wish to get out of the apartment,
we still did and it was very nice to feel the COLD air on my face, but now I 
really wish it will get back warm again.  Go away already winter!

To warm us up on this very COLD Friday, we will treat ourselves to lunch at Flanigan's.
For Arvid it is the Baby Back Ribs, garlic rolls and a pitcher of Heineken. For me always 
chicken wings and today will have the nachos to start with.  Too big for just me, but since
 we will be having the company of Victoria and Micheal, I think between the 3 of 
us we will handle it.  Arvid of course will not even try it.  His loss for sure.

Happy Friday everyone.  May this be the start of a good weekend.
Hopefully for all of us it warms up a little more.  I need to feel warmth on my face again. 

It is so cold right now we have the heat turned on.  
For Fort Lauderdale, that is very unusual.

Dear Mother Nature, get back on your meds.  Pop open a bottle of wine,
and start thinking warm happy thoughts...