Feb 13, 2015

On The Move....

Well! Well!  Look what finally decided to show up?  Hello Friday!
Don't mix bad words with your bad mood.  You'll have many opportunities to 
change a mood, but you'll never get the opportunity to replace the words you spoke....

February is a beautiful month in so many ways.  One of my favorite things about
February is watching the manatees move southbound.  We have a parade of'
manatees every day and every time is as amazing as the time before. 
Something we look forward to it every morning.

Most of the times these manatees travel in pairs or in  aggregations.  That's a group of them.  
It is very rare to see a single one.  I took this picture yesterday morning from our balcony. 

 Sometimes they are so far away that all we see is the bubble in the water. 
 Arvid and I know what a manatee "bubble" looks like so we are on the look out for them.

Friday morning already.  The week has sure gone by fast.  It is once again the start
of another weekend.  Arvid and I have chores to do.  Meaning we have work that will take
us into Miami.  As always we try to combine work with a little fun.  Nothing better than that!

Nothing big planned for tonight, but with Arvid that can change in the blink f an eye.
Hands up everyone if you LOVE Fridays!!!  February is also special because it is
the month my "little" sister Rima was born.  It is the month of love.  To all
make every, month every day every moment special.  You don't need
 a reason,  but if you have one does not hurt.  Happy Friday everyone.

Life is not lived in the past, neither is it lived wandering in the future.  Life is for today,
and it is today.  Live it, see it, love it, and show how capable you are of everything
you wish to achieve.   Good morning and have a beautiful day ahead.  Have fun...