Feb 3, 2015


Don't start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday.  Every morning we wake up is the
first day of the rest of our life.   Happy Tuesday and to all a good morning....

Here in Fort Lauderdale Brutus and I woke up to a "chilly" but beautiful morning.
Brutus sneaked around a little then took off again into the bedroom and unto the bed to 
catch up with some more sleeping together with his dada.  He's afraid I would grab him for his pills.

Last night there was a beautiful moon right outside of our balcony,
and I was for a change in the right spot at the right moment with my camera.

Soon the day with all of it's activities, noises and movement will begin.  For now it is quiet, 
peaceful with just a few boats passing by.  The "boys" are still asleep. I have a good
 hour or so to enjoy my morning coffee and the quietness before everything
 begins again.  I'm enjoying it very much.  Peaceful and so relaxing.

Today's what it means to live in Florida.  What Sunshine means:

The tourists are already here.  The roads are busy and soon more will come for the warm 
weather we have all year long in Florida.  This way everyone at some given time of the year 
also gets to enjoy what Arvid and I call home.  We all are very lucky in more ways than 
we know.  To be able to live in the warm weather or to be able to come to it. 

 Good morning everyone.  Hope this Tuesday is a 
good one and that you all make it awesome.

Make today ridiculously amazing. Beautiful things don't just happen,
 if  you want something marvelous you must make something marvelous....