Jun 15, 2015

Another Busy Monday...

Mondays are a good day to make statements, not Friday...

Still trying to get over over Ikea trip from yesterday.  All we wanted were a few little items
 for Arvid, but we had to walk through the entire maze just to get to it.  As Arvid said
 we had nothing in particular to do that day so what the heck we may as well.

Most of you who have been to an Ikea, know that this tactic of having to go through this maze
 is a very clever marketing tool.  Like everyone else we looked at things we did not need nor want.

 My favorite section yesterday was all their different cabinets and the way they make the most
 for little spaces.  Even I was willing to buy a few of these for our apartment.  Even knowing
we don't need them.  Good thing Arvid was there to stop me from bringing home more
stuff as he calls it.  Good thing we both were there to stop the other.

Ikea is just temptation for the weak of heart and I'm weak .

We have already done quite a lot this morning.  Trip to the warehouse in
Miami.  Loading and unloading the truck in the heat not always pleasant, but has to be done.

Few weeks ago I spotted a baby kitty.  Small, feral and scared.  I tried to
catch her and get her some food, but she was always too scared to come out.  Just ran away.

Finally today I was lucky to see her and as always I carry kitty food with me just in case
 we see her or another kitty in need of it.  She came for the food, but never came  too
close to me.  She's still very scared, but at least I was happy to be able to feed her.

Hopefully will see her next time we go.  The guys at the warehouse leave her food so
it's not as if she was starving.  She just adopted a new family.

 For now I leave you with some beautiful Florida sunsets and wish you
a pleasant day for some it's sweet dreams.

More caffeine, I've got lives to run...