Jun 1, 2015

What A Day....

Sometimes it feels like my life is just one long day...

Came home from Puerto Rico last night.  Always good to be home.  As soon as we opened 
the door Brutus was standing there waiting for us.  Always the same.  First thing we do is 
always look at the paw just to make sure all is good.  Well we looked and 
all is not good.  Here we go again.  Back to the same old same old.

I am at a loss right now as to what to do for our baby Brutus.  His blood work came in.
As the doctor said, "I have good news and not so good news."  Good news is that Brutus as 
of right now has no organ damage.  Lungs, kidneys and liver is good.  Bad news is that his
white blood cell count is dangerously low.  This is what helps him fight infections.

Being unable to fight infections means he is susceptible to EVERYTHING.
Means he may have picked up an additional bacteria.  Which means that we will be 
heading out to the vet once again for more blood work. Breaks our hearts to see him this way.

Leaving Puerto Rico was a little sad.  I left my sister all alone.  Kids are now grown up
and they are gone.  As Arvid says, "let's hope she comes and visit us soon."  Really hope so.

One of our last images of Puerto Rico from the airport was this plane.
Cute, colorful and very much part of the island.

Today has been one heck of a crazy day and it is still not over as yet.
To all of you hope it has been good so far and wishing you a very good week ahead.

When life gives you lemons, ask for a shot glass and a bottle of vodka, 
because this is gonna be a long day...