Jun 17, 2015

New Day..New Possibilities...

Eventually I plan to seize the day.  Right now I'm just pacing myself.
Happy Wednesday...

The first thing I do when I wake up is look and see where Brutus is. Most mornings
he is laying in bed right next to either Arvid or I.  Not so today.  He was with us
in the wee hours but when I woke up, I found him on his "sunbed"  He is still 
 on it.  Brutus has lots of beds.  Like way too many.  He is very spoilt.

Even as he lays there, he is constantly keeping an eye on me.  You see it is at this time 
everyday that he has medicines, but lucky him and us, yesterday was day 10 for his 
pills so today begins a little rest period.  Paw still not healed, but since his white
 blood cell count is low the vet wants to have a look at him again this week. 

 Another set of blood work will be done to him.  So far for this will be the 3rd set of 
blood work in less than 2 months.  Not only is it extremely expensive, but it is
 also very stressful on Brutus and on us.  Always hoping for the best.

It's getting nearer and nearer out departure to go to Norway.  Having 2 
grand-daughters is an extremely strong pull and not having seen little Vanessa as yet
makes it even more appealing.  Yes I look forward to seeing everyone, but I am also very stressed
knowing that Brutus is not better.  Brutus will be needing medication, and knowing that most likely
no one will be able to give it to him.  Does this sound like a good stress free time to you?

Good morning everyone.  Lots to do today so best is to get busy.

People tend to complicate their own lives, 
as if living weren't already complicated enough...