Jun 25, 2015

Another Good Day...

It's fun, it's fun to be with friends and have a good time....

Yesterday I had a blast once again with Liliana.  This time she came over for lunch at our place.
Brutus knows her and loves her so as soon a he heard her voice, he was all over her.
No matter how many times I tell Liliana to not bring him anything, she never listens.
Most of his toys come from her.  Yesterday he ended up with 3 more.

When Liliana comes to visit she likes her wine.  She knows her way around so well that 
she says to me, "don't worry Nadiya, I know where everything is," and she does.  This time 
I joined her with a little drink of my own.  My very own homemade Cosmo.  Not sure if I like 
the drink or the glass better.  Either way makes it so much more enjoyable in a pretty glass.
A little trip to the pool to check out what was going on and watch the boats made for a nicer time.

I enjoy cooking for those who enjoy food and Liliana loves my cooking.  Loves food period.
As always I made several dishes and whatever was leftover was hers to take home.
There was tons of leftover because I always cook more than what I know is needed.

No matter what I make, there is always chicken.  That is what I eat just about everyday.
Liliana who eats everything had a selection of pork chops, meatballs and liver.
I don't eat liver, but she seems to love it, so I made it for her to take home.

It's already Thursday.  12 more sleeps at home and then it's off to vacation land.
Destination Norway.  Looking forward to it very much.  We have not seen our second 
granddaughter as yet, so it is with great anticipation we await our arrival to Norway.

Not sure what the day holds as yet.  Lots of confusion going on right now because we are 
installing new windows in the front.  Hopefully within the next few days. Moving everything
 out of the way makes me feel as if we are moving once again.  Already the living room is
 filled with boxes.  You see our desks are right next to the window so everything on 
it and it has to be moved.  But that's the price you pay to get what you want.

Thursday begins beautifully.  It's the last day for Brutus' rest period for medicine. Tomorrow
he begins an 11 day stretch with the pill and that is officially the countdown to Norway.

A little trivia for you courtesy of my aunt:  Did you know that more than
half of the coastline of the entire United States is in Alaska?

Good morning everyone.  One more day and Friday is officially here.  You know
 what that means ...weekend.  Time to make some noise as they say at the hockey games.

It's Thursday.  Let's do this.
Let the good times roll...