Jun 23, 2015

Another Good Day....

The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. 
It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us..

Almost every morning we wake up to a text from my mom wishing us a very good morning
 and a very good day.  If for whatever reason she fails to send this text, we all start
 to worry that maybe something is wrong.  Maybe she's not feeling well or 
maybe she is even sad.  We so expect to see it that when we 
don't the mornings are not complete.

This morning was no exception.  Occasionally one of us is still not completely awake, but 
otherwise we all "chat" like crazy for a few minutes, before starting our day. Love
 waking up to this "nonsense" as some might think of it. Moments that will forever
 be remembered.  This morning my sister Nirvana's response was to take a
 picture of the door sign in the hotel where she is staying. Nirvana,
 Juan and Kimsy are in Washington, DC for Kimsy's award 
ceremony that took place on Sunday at the White House.

Just "nonsense", but sure makes for a pleasant start of the day. 

The day so far started out on all positive notes.  My nephew Gabsy just texted us.
He applied for a little summer job and was just told he got the job.  Can't believe little 
Gabsy is also now a working young man.  Boy time is flying by too fast.

Little Gabsy is now a gorgeous young man with a job.  I suddenly feel 
the need to see them and I so desperately wish I could hug them right now.

Another busy day begins.  Putting everything in order before we heave for Norway.
Very stressful sometimes because I look at Brutus and his paw is still ot healed.
As always hoping for the best, and hopefully will not have to cut short my visit.

Good morning everyone.

Life is a succession of moments,
 to live each one is to succeed...