Jan 24, 2016

Cold... Cold... Sunday...

Baby it's cold outside, hello cold days...  

Arvid and I went on a little road trip.  It took us to Sarasota and St. Petersburg.  Both places
 very beautiful, but this time also very COLD!  Yes we have been having a very long cold spell.

Arvid was at meetings most of the days and I had time to do whatever it is I liked.  Being 
so cold and windy most of the time, I spent the days indoors.  Of course checking out 
different malls and sampling some of the foods I like.  Stuff Arvid would not
 care for.  Both of us had a good time.  I picked him up around 4, and then 
we had time to go  to our favorite Pub in the neighborhood.

I always enjoy sampling a new drink there.  This time I tried the mango, pineapple mojito.
Was very good so the next night had to try it again.  Let's just say it was very good.

What's a road trip without checking out some cars.  Arvid has a knack for spotting them.
Somehow he just can't seen to resist an old classic car.  Yes, we stop and we look.
Arvid is a trader and I can't fault him for always wanting to make a trade.
  He is not shy and he will try any and everything.  Part of our road trip.

I try and I try to not always think about Brutus, but at nights I don't know how to shut
 it off.  The other night in the hotel room I just missed him like crazy.  I wanted to feel him 
next to me and next thing you know my heart was breaking again and again.

Today is 80 days since our Brutus died.  80 days that I am missing him.  80 days since
 I last saw and held him.  80 days since he took my heart with him.  Today is also 75 days 
since we have had Shadow.  He is a good kitty.  Very, very active and kinda wild. I know
 the day will come when Shadow will fill our lives again the way Brutus did, but as of 
right now my heart aches for Brutus. Shadow keeps us busy and he makes us laugh.

As we mourn and grieve for our Brutus there are also many others doing the same.  Tragedy
strikes at everyone.  Part of life today my aunt is celebrating her birthday in heaven while
here on earth there is a family missing her, grieving for her and not exactly sure why them.

 Life is not always the way we want it to be.  We just have to live it and enjoy it while
we are alive.  For you never know what tomorrow may bring.  I never would have
thought that our Brutus would be dead so early in his life.  NEVER!!!

Happy Sunday everyone.  It is a chilly day here, but everywhere else that we have family
 is even worse.  Snow has invaded all my sisters' homes and my parents.  Luckily my sister
 in Puerto Rico is having good and warmer weather than all of us right now.
Can you believe that my niece in London is having warmer temperatures than
 us here in Fort Lauderdale?  Never thought to see that happening.

Happy Sunday to all.  Stay warm and cozy up to the one you love.

I keep myself busy with things to do,
but everytime I pause I still think of you..